Printable maps

The following maps are intended to be used by educators in the state of Wyoming as a way for students to gain greater understanding of their state, its cities, counties, landforms, and water bodies.  Different versions of each theme are available, each with a varying degree of difficulty.


Theme (click for    download) Preview
Counties (answer key) wyoming counties answers
Counties (easy) wyoming counties easy
Counties (difficult) wyoming counties difficult
County seats (answer key) county seats answers
County seats (easy)
County seats (difficult)
Water bodies (answer key) water bodies key
Water bodies (easy) water bodies easy
Water bodies (difficult) water bodies hard
Surrounding states and capitals (easy) wyoming surrounding states easy
Surrounding states and capitals (difficult) wyoming surrounding states hard

Printable County Level Maps

The following maps of each county are intended to be used as a teaching tool to help students familiarize themselves with Wyoming's counties.  These maps include feature data such as cities, county seats, major roads, rivers, reservoirs, and mountain peaks.  There are also a latitude and longitude graticule and accompanying questions for students to fill in.



County (Click for downloadable PDF)  
Albany Lincoln
Albany (answer key) Lincoln (answer key)


Bighorn (answer key) Natrona (answer key)
Campbell Niobrara
Campbell (answer key) Niobrara (answer key)
Carbon Park
Carbon (answer key) Park (answer key)
Converse Platte
Converse (answer key) Platte (answer key)
Crook Sheridan
Crook (answer key) Sheridan (answer key)
Fremont Sublette
Fremont (answer key) Sublette (answer key)
Goshen Sweetwater
Goshen (answer key) Sweetwater (answer key)
Hot Springs Teton
Hot Springs (answer key) Teton (answer key)
Johnson Uinta
Johnson (answer key) Uinta (answer key)
Laramie Washakie
Laramie (answer key) Washakie (answer key)
  Weston (answer key)