Social studies activities

Click the "Story Map" links below for self-guided activities using interactive maps that explore the subjects from the Wyoming Student Atlas in greater detail.

Click "Guided activity" links below for instructor-guided activities for specific grades, based on social studies standards for Wyoming. Instructions for these activities can be found under Instructor resources.

Click "Details and data" for access to modifiable web maps which instructors or students can change (change symbols, add their own pins to the map, or add additional data). 

Items denoted with an asterick (*) start with Wyoming but also include interactive maps of the U.S. and other countries for comparison. 

How have natural resources affected population? (Guided activity) (Man-made and  natural resources)
Archaeological sites (Story map) (Details and data)
Indigenous tribes of Wyoming* (Story map) (Details and data)
Early explorers and fur trappers (Story map) (Details and data)
Emigrant trails, landmarks, and forts* (Story map) (Details and data)
Railroad expansion, stage roads, and cattle trails (Story map) (Details and data)
Counties and towns (Story map) (Details and data)
Population change (Story map) (Details and data)
Population centers in and around Wyoming* (Story map) (Details and data)
Migration to and from Wyoming* (Story map) (Details and data)
Age, gender, and race  (Story map) (Details and data)
Land ownership (Story map) (Details and data)
Agriculture (Story map) (Details and data)
Major crops* (Story map) (Details and data
Oil and gas resources (Story map) (Details and data)
Coal mining (Story map) (Details and data)
Other mining (Story map) (Details and data)
Wind resources* (Story map) (Details and data)
Transportation (Story map) (Details and data)
Parks, monuments, and historic sites (Story map) (Details and data)
Wyoming’s Western heritage (Story map) (Details and data)
Election patterns* (Story map) (Details and data

Last updated September, 2018