Science activities

Click the "Story Map" links below for self-guided activities using interactive maps that explore the subjects from the Wyoming Student Atlas in greater detail.

Click "Guided activity" links below for instructor-guided activities for specific grades, based on science standards for Wyoming. Instructions for these activities can be found under Instructor resources for grades 6-8. 

Click "Details and data" for access to modifiable web maps which instructors or students can change (change symbols, add their own pins to the map, or add additional data). 

Items denoted with an asterick (*) start with Wyoming but also include interactive maps of the U.S. and other countries for comparison. 

Wyoming's tectonic past* (Story map) (Details and data)
Physiographic features (Story map) (Details and data)
Geothermal features* (Story map) (Details and data)
River basins* (Story map) (Details and data)
Major streams, lakes, and reservoirs*  (Story map) (Details and data)
Temperature* (Story map) (Details and data)
Precipitation and climographs* (Story map) (Details and data)
Weather forecasting* (Guided activity for grades 6-8)
Winds and currents* (Guided activity for grades 6-8) 
Natural hazards* (Guided activity for grades 6-8)
Tornados and other extreme weather events (Story map) (Details and data)
Earthquakes and landslides* (Story map) (Details and data
Land cover and ecoregions* (Story map) (Details and data)
Wildlife and species richness (Story map) (Details and data)
Last updated June, 2019 (updates to Natural Hazards guided activity and Wildlife and species richness story map).