Instructor resources

Story maps are interactive maps with text; these 10-15 minute activities can be used to supplement existing lesson plans; students can work them on their own or in pairs, or in groups guided by an instructor. Most story maps are aligned to Wyoming standards and are designed for grades 4-8. Students start exploring their local area in Wyoming and move on to state, national and even global scales, creating connections and comparing patterns between familiar spaces to new places. 

Instructor guides for social studies story maps 

Instructor guides for science story maps 

Guided activities include lesson plans based on Wyoming social studies or science standards, developed and piloted at Wyoming schools. These activities go more in-depth than the self-guided story maps above, and include the option for students to add data to shareable maps. 

Instructor guides for grades 6-8 science and social studies guided activities with a Wyoming focus

Instructor guides for AP Human Geography guided activities with a Wyoming focus


Students can create their own story maps and submit them to the 2020 ArcGIS Online Competition (May 2020) for US HS+MS Students for a chance to win $100. 

Consider creating a one minute video sharing how you've used these materials (or any other use of ArcGIS Online) to win $500 at the ESRI K12 Teacher Video Challenge. One winner every month!

Printable maps

A series of  printable maps of Wyoming which can be printed as workshseets for students to label counties, cities, landforms, major rivers and waterbodies. More detailed maps for each county in Wyoming are also available.