Geo-inquiry process

Today’s students need to understand how the complex and dynamic human and natural systems interact in order to make smart decisions. National Geographic's Geo-Inquiry Process relies on using a geographic perspective, offering a unique lens to analyze space, place, and the interconnections between both the human and natural world. Using both a geographic perspective and the Geo-Inquiry Process students begin to connect complex components, see patterns, and make connections that change their communities.

National Geographic has provided a grant to develop activities for lesson plans using the online Wyoming Student Atlas as part of the Geo-Inquiry Process. Middle-school teachers in Casper, WY and Sheridan, WY are piloting activities for social studies (How natural features influence patterns in population and movement) and science (Weather forecasting and Wind and Currents) in their classrooms in 2018/2019. Please contact Margo Berendsen at if you are a Wyoming middle school teacher, librarian or facilitator interested in bringing the Wyoming Student Atlas and the Geo-Inquiry Process to your classrooms.