AP Human Geography

GeoInquiries are short, standards-based inquiry activities for teaching map-based concepts found in commonly used textbooks. All that is required is an internet connection for educators and students to access and interact with web maps; no login is required unless students wish to save their work. Over a dozen Geoinquiries for AP Human Geography have been developed so far, to explore a range of topics, listed below.

Geoinquries can also be "localized" for students using web maps from the Wyoming Student Atlas. A recent study has shown that the capability for a student to zoom in on a map and explore familiar, local context (such as their state or even their town) and then zoom out to explore larger contexts at a regional or global scale provides an advantage in engaging the student with specific themes. 

AP Human Geography "Geoinquiry" activities which can be used "as is" or customized to your specific lesson plan or localized with web maps from the Wyoming Student Atlas: 

  • Distance, transportation and scale
  • World population
  • USA demographics
  • You claim it, you name it (Toponyms)
  • Language and religion
  • Sacred place, sacred space
  • Migration, on the move
  • Borders, boundaries and barriers
  • Farming, vegetation and the rural landscape
  • Agricultural patterns
  • The human development index
  • Comparing country development
  • What's the range? - market areas for specific chain stores
  • Urban areas and edge cities

Please contact Margo Berendsen (mberends@uwyo.edu) if you would like to see additional geoinquiries extended and localized for Wyoming!