Interactive story maps and web maps

Story Maps are a combination of text, images and interactive maps that explore the subjects from the Wyoming Student Atlas in greater detail.

Details and data include modifiable web maps and data. Web maps allow students to change symbols and add their own pins to the map, or add additional data. Data can be download and used in other software like Google Earth or ArcGIS. 

Physical Geography:
Wyoming's tectonic past* (Story map) (Details and data)
Physiographic features (Story map) (Details and data)
Geothermal features* (Story map) (Details and data)
River basins* (Story map) (Details and data)
Major streams, lakes, and reservoirs  (Story map) (Details and data)
Temperature* (Story map) (Details and data)
Precipitation and climographs (Story map) (Details and data)
Land cover and ecoregions* (Story map) (Details and data)
Wildlife and species richness (Story map) (Details and data)
Tornados (Story map)
Earthquakes and landslides (Story map)
Human geography
Archaeological sites (Story map) (Details and data)
Native American tribes* (Story map) (Details and data)
Early explorers and fur trappers (Story map) (Details and data)
Emigrant trails, landmarks, and forts* (Story map) (Details and data)
Railroad expansion, stage roads, and cattle trails (Story map) (Details and data)
Counties and county seats (Story map) (Details and data)
Population change (Story map) (Details and data)
Population centers in and around Wyoming* (Story map) (Details and data)
Migration to and from Wyoming* (Story map) (Details and data)
Age, gender, and race  (Story map) (Details and data)
Land ownership (Story map) (Details and data)
Agriculture (Story map) (Details and data)
Major crops* (Story map) (Details and data
Oil and gas resources (Story map) (Details and data)
Coal mining (Story map) (Details and data)
Other mining (Story map) (Details and data)
Wind resources* (Story map) (Details and data)
Transportation (Story map) (Details and data)
Parks, monuments, and historic sites (Story map) (Details and data)
Wyoming’s Western heritage (Story map) (Details and data)
Election patterns* (Story map) (Details and data


Instructions are provided in this pdf document for using the four components of the Wyoming Student Atlas Online version.

1) The first component is a digital flipbook of the Wyoming Student Atlas that can be viewed one page at a time. This online version is an exact copy of the paper version of the Wyoming Student Atlas. Most of the pages of this digital version have links to the Story Maps version of the Wyoming Student Atlas Online.

2) The second component are Story Maps, a combination of text, images and interactive maps that explore the subjects of each in greater detail than possible in the paper version of the Wyoming Student Atlas.

3) The third component are Web Maps, may be modified from their existing format to show additional data, or display existing data in different symbols (shapes, colors, and patterns). IAdditional data from many other sources can be added to the web maps.

 4) The fourth component is downloadable data. Much of the geospatial data used to create the web maps, story maps, and paper maps of the Wyoming Student Atlas is available for download. After downloading this data, it can be added to desktop GIS software or other online mapping apps (such as Google Earth, for example). 


Earthquakes and landslides* (Story map) (Details and data)

Tornados and other extreme weather events (Story map) (Details and data)

Last updated 10/24/17